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Journalism vs. Public Relations

 Public Relations and Journalism cannot help but to interact with each other despite the love/hate relationship. Both careers are similar and relate to each other because they relay information to various publics whether through speech or print.

When it comes to breaking news, both fields place a key role in informing publics and they inversely need each other. Public Relations representatives need Journalists because they have access to the mass media, which is one of the biggest outlets to various publics. Journalists need public relations specialists to help with up to date story pitches, and press releases.

Both careers differ because journalists are expected to tell the story exactly how it happened and a public relations person would make that story sound good. Journalists relay information from an unbiased stand point, and Public Relations people are often seen as biased because they are advocates who represent individuals, and corporations.

Journalism has drastically changed over the years and many believe it will become extinct.

Chris Hedges wrote an article on and stated how he feels about what will happen with the change in journalism. Hedges stated, “It will make it harder for us as a society to separate illusion from reality, fact from opinion, reality from fantasy.”

Davis Eaves responded to the transformation of journalism by stating, “as a result we may see an organizational ecosystem emerging that strongly favors transparency.”

Personally, I don’t believe journalism will become extent however I do understand credibility will change. I believe journalism will adapt to the new technologies and the way they previously relayed information will simply advance. In the future the careers Public Relations and Journalism will still have a relationship, but the way they previously handled business will change.



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The Falsehoods of Public Relations

There are several people in the world who still don’t know how much of an impact public relations can have on a corporation, or an individual. Myths and preconceptions about public relations are mistaken to be facts. A myth is a false belief or idea, and a misrepresentation of the truth.

Popular preconceptions and myths are that, “Any press is good press” and “Publicity can do no harm”.

I have personally seen several tweets on my Twitter timeline and Facebook statuses on my news feed that have said “people are talking about me so I must be doing something right”, or something similar.

Under the topic of Publicity, Wikipedia stated “The theory, Any press is good press, has been coined to describe situations where bad behavior… actually resulted in positive results, due to the fame and press coverage accrued”. The Truth is this does not happen in all, or even in most cases.

What many people fail to realize is that depending on the information being said about the individual or corporation, it can either brighten or forever tarnish the name and image portrayed to the public.

The Norstar Group, a strategic marketing and creative services firm, has an article online entitled “The 7 myths of Public Relations”. The first popular myth The Norstar Group points out is that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”. They went on to say that “Legitimate businesses can be totally screwed because of “bad publicity””. This proves the points that “any press is good press” and “Publicity can do no harm” are simply false accusations.

I believe myths exist about public relations because not enough people know what Public Relations is and what it is capable of doing.

No one knows who first started this myth or who started spreading it first, but we all should end it today!


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