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Makeup Bag Wherever You Go : PR

Having a public relations person by your side can be equivalent to having a makeup bag in your purse at all times. A public relations person is there just in case bad publicity occurs. Similarly a makeup bag is carried in a purse just in case a blemish or blackhead shows up.

PR and makeup are very similar and compared on various levels pertaining to publicity.

When talking about self, everyone usually wants to be appealing in someone else’s eye. No one aspires to have a negative light on themselves. People like to look good in a positive light as much as possible.

Public relations is all about portraying an individual to the public.

Makeup is all about making yourself look good or better than before to the public.

Neither public relations nor makeup shows flaws, but instead enhances appealing features.

Public relations and makeup in a nut shell is about presenting either yourself or your client to the public.

Both makeup and public relations enhance the good and positive aspects pertaining to an individual.
Having a public relations specialist on your team can only work for the greater good. The worst thing that can happen is you have someone to fix a crises or a bad representation of yourself as fast as you can grab your powder brush.

Think about calling up your Publicist as reaching in your purse and grabbing your makeup bag.


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