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If you are not a public relations major I encourage you to  take an introductory public relations course in your college career. Taking an intro to PR class  can be very beneficial with any future endeavor in any kind of business. The learning experience you will get from the class will give you a broad approach to how the clients and various publics are important to keep in mind for the success of a company.  To be a good business man or woman it is good to know different aspects and point of views from both the company and the the client. Knowing proper public relations skills will make you adequately prepared for keeping your company in a positive light which will have a growth effect.

“Public relations is in many ways an interdisciplinary major, and you’ll study elements from many other fields, including psychology, philosophy, languages, business, art, and many others.”

In a Public Relations course you will learn about the opinions from various publics, and research techniques which will satisfy Pr needs in your company. Also in the course you will learn about ethics in a company, problem solving, planning, and influencing public opinion.

Taking a PR course will give you the excellent background skills that will pay off in the business world. Those skills will include achieving the main goal of enhancing a company’s reputation.



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“Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, informally known as “tweets””.

It’s crazy how so many people think twitter is stupid and made for stalkers, I completely disagree.

When first making a twitter account I too thought twitter was stupid. I soon realized I only thought it was stupid because I didn’t know all the terms or how to operate it. I know this because now that I have learned how to live in the twitter world I never want to leave it!

I like the idea that you don’t have to ask people what they are doing, how was their day ,or wonder where they are. If you want to know you can just simply check their twitter timeline.

My Timeline is mostly filled with friends, family, and peers from both high school and college.

Having a twitter account actually has a huge benefit because you ALWAYS know what is going on.

All the latest celebrity gossip, world news, and even updates from the Whitehouse are portable wherever you go.

Besides staying “in the know” of things you can see the way people feel and how people think, which can be interesting at times. People tweet how they are upset, excited, or depressed. People also tweet their philosophies on life, words to live by, and good advice.

I will continue to use Twitter not only because it is a huge networking system, but because within each account there is a small community you can personally build. I always know where the parties are, or what’s going on on-campus. All organizations on-campus even the University I attend has a twitter account. With publicity twitter is the best route to take for the people in my generation because it can reach a large amount of people, in one age range, at one time.

I encourage everyone to tweet like “iTweet”.


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