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Peer responses for Blog #1

#1 I commented on Gary Barton’s blog saying “It seems like when you wrote this bucket list out you already had a clear idea about what you plan on doing before you die. Walking around nude in public would be hilarious and I also thought about sky diving! Cool bucket list.”   Here is the link

#2 I commented on Kathleen Brown’s blogsaying “On my bucket list I also talked about getting on a boat and traveling. Partying on a yacht sounds so fun, I should have put that on my bucket list.” Here is the link


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What’s on your bucket list? Why?

Never before have I thought about creating a bucket list because I am more focused on the present.  However, the other day I watched a documentary about tracing your African roots and I think I would add that to my bucket list. No I am not African, but I do believe we all have ancestors from Africa. The reason I would add this to my bucket list is because I want to know more about my heritage.

Another thing I would add to my bucket list would be traveling abroad and learning more about other cultures besides my own. If I were to know more about other cultures and the way they live I will have a more open mind and a further appreciation for my own.

Next on my bucket list would have to be something a little more fun like skinny dipping or attending a cruise to an interesting island. Skinny dipping may be quite inappropriate but for a bucket list I feel like it fits the list well. You only live once so why not feel free and do something out of your character for once. I have never been on a cruise ship before nor have I ever visited an island, so adding that to my bucket list will satisfy my outgoing desire to experience things new.

Lastly on my bucket list I feel its only right to add something outrageous and, to some people, crazy. I’m thinking something like jumping out of a plane with a parachute, swimming with wild creatures in the ocean, or bungee jumping. First of all I am afraid of heights, but one day you have to face your fears so why not add it to the bucket list. Swimming with sea animals would freak me out a little but I think it would be interesting and cool.

Like I said before I don’t have an official bucket list written out, but from the top of my head these ideas seem sufficient.


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