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#1 I commented on Ali’s blog saying “That is a good idea! I love the show charmed and Thats sounds like an interesting experience!” Here is the link:

#2 I commented on Hillary Millard’s blog saying “The 1960s sounds like a cool time to travel too. A lot of interesting things happened during that time, great choice.”. Here is the link:


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Traveling in Time

If time travel were possible, what would you do? Where would you go? Why did you choose to visit there? If you were to go back in time, would you worry about how one small change could affect the future?

 When asked the question, “if time travel were possible, where wouold I go or do??” I would say back to the civil rights movement. It sounds strange that I would want to jump back into a time with so much hatred and chaos, but I want  to experience it first hand.

As a member of NAACP and a passionate person about equality for all people, I want to be one of those activists who took a stand and made a change. Being a leader in today’s society is much different than it was back then. I just wonder if I would be confident enought to withstand discrimination or would I fall into the crowds just passing along.

I bet being apart of boycotts, protesting, and being sent to jail for a mighty cause would leave a good feeling in my heart. That sounds very weird to some people but I have protested with NAACP before.

Traveling back to a time as the civil rights movement, and being apart of history is definetly something I would want to do.

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Blog responses for blog #4

#1 I commented on Collin Bryant’s blog saying “I wish I had a great Valentine every year like you do, lucky girl!” Here is the link:

#2 I commented on Emily Glass’s blog saying “Your story was very cute, and I agree with your PR ideas.”. Here is the link:

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Valentine’s Day gifts

I’m usually not big on Valentine’s Day but on a few occasions I have participated.

My first Valentine was the best treat any girl can get. This was my first real valentine and it was my sophmore year in high school. His name was Bryson and he was so thoughtful and sweet. He gave me a blanket, and told me when I’m cold he wants me to think about him. He gave me a shirt, and said when I get dressed he wants me to think about him. He gave me a teddy bear, and said when I want to hug him I can hug the bear. Lastly, he gave me a card and said when I want to hear something sweet to read the card about think about his voice.

By far that was the sweetest thing someone has ever done to me. Of course, with the good there is always a bad Valentine’s situation.

My senior year in high school I had a boyfriend and I expected something really nice. Instead I recieved old flowers and a card that wasnt even signed. What he failed to realized was I didnt care about the material things and much as I cared about the thought being put into it. I would have rather had a homemade card, signed, and a small homemade cupcake. That Valntine’s Day was still was fun, but I would have rather had more thought been put into it.

Whether the gift was good of bad I don’t think I would tell someone. I have respect for someone trying to make me happy, whether it worked or not.

From a Public Relations standpoint I would have more Valentine’s Day goods that are more appealing to senses. A card that smells good, a card with poetry, and more pictures would be more appealing. I have never seen or had a card with smell, or collages. To stand out from the competition I think a card appealing to senes would be a great idea.

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Peer responses for Blog #3

#1 I commented on Sarah Russell’s blog saying “I can agree with you about cleanliness. I am not a neat freak but I definetly think people should respect a common space!”. Here is the link:

#2 I commented on Emily Glass’s blog saying “I can agree with you about respecting time. A lot of people are inconsiderate when it comes to others peoples time and I cannot stand that. I totally agree with you!”. Here is the link:

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Pet Peeves >_<

   There are just somethings you can ignore or overlook, but then there are things you just cant ignore because it lingers as an irritation in your head. I would call that feeling a pet peeve. I dont have very many pet peeves but I’m going to tell you about two of them.

First, I hate smacking! Whether it is gum or food I just dont understand why people can’t chew with their mouth closed. Smacking is the most annoying sound, and it bothers the heck out of me.

And secondly, I dislike when people are always negative and drown other people’s enery when they walk in a room. I dont understand why misery loves company so much, but I avoid it as much as possible because it absolutely irritates me. 

Like I said I dont have that many pet peeves because I can deal with situations and tolerate a lot. But to just name a few, the above pet peeves are things I just find har to ignore.

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Peer responses for Blog #2

#1 I commented on Gary Barton’s blog saying “I agree with you! I enjoy watching the movies and reading the books. I think its better that way and more people should try it”. Here is the link :

#2 I commented on Shauntae Prince’s blog saying “I love twilight too!! Im glad someone enjoyed the movie just as much as I did. I have never read sister of the traveling pants however, I loved the movie”. Here is the link:


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The Book or The Movie?

I never been much of a book reader. In almost every case I would rather watch the movie than read the book. However, recently I read the book “Breaking Dawn” before I watched the movie, and I enjoyed every page. Comparing the book to the movie I think I enjoyed the book better. Movies usually always leave out events that occured in the book. Books also go into more detail than movies do.

On the other hand movies are sometimes more enjoyable because of the suspenseful music and fast occuring scenes. With books you have to read a lot just to finally get to a peak.

I think reading the book and watching the movie together is how you get the most satisfying result. After I read the book I already knew the plot and moral of the story, however seeing it being played out was amusing. By far all the twilight series are my favorite movies to watch, and books to read. For some people reading the book first is like spoiling the movie, but personally I enjoyed both.

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