Valentine’s Day gifts

February 17, 2012 Jasmine

I’m usually not big on Valentine’s Day but on a few occasions I have participated.

My first Valentine was the best treat any girl can get. This was my first real valentine and it was my sophmore year in high school. His name was Bryson and he was so thoughtful and sweet. He gave me a blanket, and told me when I’m cold he wants me to think about him. He gave me a shirt, and said when I get dressed he wants me to think about him. He gave me a teddy bear, and said when I want to hug him I can hug the bear. Lastly, he gave me a card and said when I want to hear something sweet to read the card about think about his voice.

By far that was the sweetest thing someone has ever done to me. Of course, with the good there is always a bad Valentine’s situation.

My senior year in high school I had a boyfriend and I expected something really nice. Instead I recieved old flowers and a card that wasnt even signed. What he failed to realized was I didnt care about the material things and much as I cared about the thought being put into it. I would have rather had a homemade card, signed, and a small homemade cupcake. That Valntine’s Day was still was fun, but I would have rather had more thought been put into it.

Whether the gift was good of bad I don’t think I would tell someone. I have respect for someone trying to make me happy, whether it worked or not.

From a Public Relations standpoint I would have more Valentine’s Day goods that are more appealing to senses. A card that smells good, a card with poetry, and more pictures would be more appealing. I have never seen or had a card with smell, or collages. To stand out from the competition I think a card appealing to senes would be a great idea.


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