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Blog Responses #8

#1 I commented on Britini Ellison’s blog saying I put down the best thing to do in Statesboro to do is eat too! I love Mexican food as well“” Here is the link:

#2 I commented on Emily Glass’s blog saying That’s always fun. I come from the opposite place, the city, but I completely understand where you are coming from!”. Here is the link:


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What to do in the Boro?

What are your favorite things to do in the ‘Boro? If someone who had never been to Statesboro were to come to town, where would you take them? Why?

My favorite thing to do in Statesboro, sadly, is to eat! We have a large variety of food places to be such a small town. I personally LOVE El Som Mexican Restaurant and Shane’s Rib Shack.

At El Som I always get the “Enchiladas Verdes” which is my favorite meal. If you are 21 and up they also have great margarita and beer specials.

At Shane’s Rib Shack my favorite meal is the “Big Dad”. Basically its a pulled pork sandwich and on Thursday you can get two sides free with a drink. The best sides ever would have to be mac-n-cheese and beans.

I sound very fat and greedy I’m sure but if you are hungry you can be sure you are taken care of in Statesboro. A lot of food places deliver and are open as late as 4am!

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Blog Responses #8

#1 I commented on Britini Ellison’s blog saying “That is very surprising that there is absolutely nothing you want to change from freshman year. However, more power to you!” Here is the link:

#2 I commented on Leann Luckett’s blog saying “I have never read “I enjoyed reading your blog and I commend you for coming back to school with the right intentions!”. Here is the link:

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Topic Of the Week

If you could go back to freshman year, would you do anything differently? If so what & why?

If I could go back in time to my freshman year of college there are a lot of things I would change. If I had to pick one example, I would change my pursuit to find friends instead of focusing on academics.

As a high school student I was always very popular and could say I knew just about everyone. Coming to college was a completely different scenario for me. I wasn’t used to not knowing people. As a result, I joined several organizations and attempted to maintain relationships that didn’t last.

It has always been apart of my college goals to make it into an honor society and maintain a high GPA. However, because academics was not top priority my first year I did not make it into the freshman honor societies. What made things worse was some of the girls who I hung out with received an invitation to the honor societies.

At that moment I realized my focus was on the wrong things, and it was time to make a change. Even though I have missed the opportunity to receive an invitation to all freshmen honor societies, I have found other options.

Starting my second year of college I  found honor societies that I can apply to , and I am currently working toward getting accepted into one.



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Blog Responses #7

#1 I commented on Asia Anderson’s blog saying “I didn’t read any of those books either. It’s funny you said Hunger Games is so popular because I never heard of it. Maybe I need to increase my book awareness.” Here is the link:

#2 I commented on Kayla Tokars’s blog saying “I have never read “Hunger Games”, I’m going to have to check it out! But for an interesting read I also want to read “Me talk pretty one day”.”. Here is the link:

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PRCA 3330 Topic of the Week

How many from the list have you read? How many do you want to read? What are other books you would add to this list and how would they be helpful to PR professionals?

Out of all of the books listed on I sadly have not read one of these books. However, reading the blogger’s thoughts about each book makes me interested in reading.

If I were to pick out some books that would interest me the most it would be “Little Bee”, “Me talk pretty one day”, “The Paris Wfie”, and “Are you there vodka? It’s me, Chelsea”.

I cannot think of another book to add to this list for pr professionals to read, but I can see why fiction books are great reads.

Each book gets into the minds of individuals who could possibly be our clients. It is important to understand where people are coming from and what better way to understand that than by getting inside their heads?

After reading the list of books, this has encouraged me to go out and read more fiction books.

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Blog Responses #6

#1 I commented on Asia Anderson’s blog saying “That sounds like a fun dream job, I used to want to work for a magazine also.” Here is the link:

#2 I commented on Kathleen Brown’s blog saying “That is an interesting dream job, good luck in achieving it!”. Here is the link:

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Dream Job

What is your career dream job? How do you plan to shine among all the others wanting the same dream job? What are you doing now to achieve the end goal of your “dream job”?

My dream job is to be the public relations specialist of huge PR firm, marketing agency, or entertainment agency. I would also like to be a publicist for celebrities either in the entertainment agency or in sports.

Currently as a student and sophomore at Georgia Southern University I am building my resume strong. I am the public relations chair for the NAACP, I make programs and fliers for the Multicultural Student Center, and I have an internship with Nenna and Lovette Marketing Agency and Baneo Entertainment. Before hired as an intern for Nnenna Lovette marketing agecny and Baneo Entertainment I was told I have an impressive resume for someone of my age.

I plan to rise about all pr competition by continually exceeding expectations and having an impressive pr resume. I also plan to shine among others by being creative and “out of the box” with everything I do relating to pr. Right now I am striving to ensure my dream job by constantly working and volunteering for pr positions. Anything that would look great on my resume or deepen my experience I partake in.

Hopefully hard work will eventually pay off, and I can enjoy a career in the pr field.

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