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Blog responses #12

#1 I commented on Leann Luckett’s blog saying “Your post was great. You addressed what would do in good times and in bad, and I totally agree with you.” Here is the link:

#2 I commented on Collin Bryant’s blog saying “Incentives seem to be what works the best. I would do the same as the PR person..”. Here is the link:


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PR in sports

The 2012 baseball season started recently. Are you a fan?  Fan or not, if you worked for the public relations team at one of the 30 major league teams, what would you suggest to entice people to come to a game? Special prices? Giveaways? Be specific in what you would do. Remember, it’s easier to have fans in the seats when your team is winning. Therefore, come up with two plans: one, if the team is doing well and a second, when the team is in a slump.

Unfortunately, I am not a fan of sports and more specifically baseball. However, If I had the job of being the PR person for a team I would still do my job to the best of my abilities. To enhance people to come to the games, even if we were losing, I would have fan incentives.

Every time a fan buys a tickets they will have a star stamped off, and every 3 stamps there will be a free giveaway. Another incentive I would implement would be having a fan of the month who will get to meet the players and take pictures all for free.

A great way to get people to support is most definitively benefits. If customers know they get something out it they will be more inclined to be more long term and dedicated.

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Blog responses #11

#1 I commented on Shauntae Prince’s blog saying “I would want to travel to London also, It seems like it would be such a rewarding experience.” Here is the link:

#2 I commented on Ali McConnell’s blog saying “When I was younger I used to love Australian accents, thats seems like a great place to travel.”. Here is the link:

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If you had the resources and the time, where would you want to travel? Why? What is it about the location(s) that make it desirable for you to want to visit?

If I had all the resources I would want to travel to Jamaica. Jamaica is such a beautiful place and the scenery is awesome. I know their music and food is great. All the Jamaican’s I know are so down to earth and it was be rewarding to experience their culture.

I also LOVE the beach! I would sit on the beach all day and soak up the sun. Jamaica is just a care free atmosphere and sounds like a great vacation spot.

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Blogging experience

Twitter is a place where you can network, stay up to date with news, and communicate with others. My twitter experience with this class was nothing new for me. I have been a member of Twitter since I was in high school. While tweeting for this class, however I enjoyed my experience with other pr students, pr professionals, and news sources.

During my assigned experience I followed a lot of PR professionals who enjoyed giving away free tips, and posting helpful links. I learned a lot regarding how to improve my cover letters, reasons why pr can so stressful, how to write a story pitch, etc. It is also very interesting to have followers and friends who are all tweeting topics that you can relate more to, for example PRCA hash tags.

The news sources that I followed kept me up to date with the Trayvon Martin case, updates with the presidential elections, and more. Twitter is the best place to stay informed about information going on worldwide, nationally, and in your local communities.

Having a twitter account for a class shows me how much different it is from having a personal account. I see this pr twitter account as a professional account now. Having this account has made me understand how an employee representative feels when they have to tweet about their company. Being a social media person for a company you have to keep in mind your audience and what they your expected to post.

I plan to continue using this twitter account because I need to have a separate account for professional reasons. This twitter account will help me with networking, and improving my skills as a future specialist. In today’s society a lot of jobs require that you provide your social media URL. Jobs even look over your personal accounts. I would be a great idea to continue this account so I can add it to my resume and showcase my professional side.

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Blog Responses #10

#1 I commented on Shauntae Prince’s blog saying “This may sound crazy, but I don’t think I have ever seen “I agree with you, i also would show the pros and cons. I also believe most people dont understand because they dont get it.” Here is the link:

#2 I commented on Ali McConnell’s blog saying “I also believe showing people an example of how social media has had an impact would convince more people to adapt”. Here is the link:

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Technology Takeover

How would you, as a Millennial, who has practically grown up with technology and social media, convince someone in a different generation that social media can be effective (if employed properly) to their business?

I would simply reiterate to  my company how much we value time, money, and efficiency. I would then present all the benefits of Social Media, and the effects it has had in many different scenarios. I would show them how to use the site in my presentation, to make them feel more comfortable. I feel like most people are so intimidated by social media  because they don’t know how to work it.

I would also show in the presentation how other companies have used social media, and how it worked for them. The presentation should convince them to adapt to the new changes of social media

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Blog Responses #9

#1 I commented on Shauntae Prince’s blog saying “This may sound crazy, but I don’t think I have ever seen “Saved By the Bell”. It sounds like I would like liked it, I’m surprised I haven’t seen it.” Here is the link:

#2 I commented on Ali McConnell’s blog saying “I loved “Boy Meets World”! Actually, I loved mostly all of Disney Shows but this one in particular was funny, cute, and interesting all at the same time.”. Here is the link:

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Childhood TV Show

If you had the power to bring back one of your favorite childhood TV shows, what would it be & why?

The TV show that I miss so much is “That’s so Raven” from the Disney channel.

To me, “That’s so Raven” was the best thing to come to Disney channel! I adore Raven Symone on so many levels and I almost cried after the show was discontinued.

As a child I was told I act like Raven from the show. I have a real goofy personality, and I found myself often mimicking her. I thought she was hilarious, that’s why I loved the show so much.

The main character, Raven, was just like me. She didn’t care too much about what people thought of her and she acted herself at all times. The Show even encouraged me to be more of my “true self”.

Now on Disney channel there are more hilarious shows like “That’s So Raven” but I will never forget that show.

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