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April 15, 2012 Jasmine

Twitter is a place where you can network, stay up to date with news, and communicate with others. My twitter experience with this class was nothing new for me. I have been a member of Twitter since I was in high school. While tweeting for this class, however I enjoyed my experience with other pr students, pr professionals, and news sources.

During my assigned experience I followed a lot of PR professionals who enjoyed giving away free tips, and posting helpful links. I learned a lot regarding how to improve my cover letters, reasons why pr can so stressful, how to write a story pitch, etc. It is also very interesting to have followers and friends who are all tweeting topics that you can relate more to, for example PRCA hash tags.

The news sources that I followed kept me up to date with the Trayvon Martin case, updates with the presidential elections, and more. Twitter is the best place to stay informed about information going on worldwide, nationally, and in your local communities.

Having a twitter account for a class shows me how much different it is from having a personal account. I see this pr twitter account as a professional account now. Having this account has made me understand how an employee representative feels when they have to tweet about their company. Being a social media person for a company you have to keep in mind your audience and what they your expected to post.

I plan to continue using this twitter account because I need to have a separate account for professional reasons. This twitter account will help me with networking, and improving my skills as a future specialist. In today’s society a lot of jobs require that you provide your social media URL. Jobs even look over your personal accounts. I would be a great idea to continue this account so I can add it to my resume and showcase my professional side.


Entry Filed under: PRCA 3330 Spring 2012

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