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Social Media: My preference

By checking out this link, , I found it interesting how influential and time-consuming social media can be.

I was very surprised to see more users using Google Plus than those using twitter. I’m mainly surprised because I don’t use google plus, and I haven’t yet figured out the purpose of it.

Out of the 8 total networking sites listed I was very surprised to not see Instagram on there. Out of all of those networking sites I use and enjoy instagram the most. Nonetheless, choosing from the social networking sites posted, I definitely use twitter the most.

For a year or so I fell off of twitter because I was no longer interested in people’s annoying tweets about what they are doing and thinking in their heads. I later created a “professional” twitter account for companies and professional to find me on. I thought the use of a professional account would be good for networking, but I didn’t use it as much.

About 3 months ago I attended a networking conference where everyone had to go around the room and mention their “social media plugs”. I never seen my instagram as a professional site so I hesitated to reply. Since that day I realized you can use social media as a positive platform to show your professionalism and personality. From that moment on I started to use social media to express my thoughts that I realized I can’t always do on Instagram. Before I followed a lot of people from high school, so to me it was known for all the negative bashing, gossiping, and inappropriateness.

Nowadays, I tweet just about everyday. Sometimes I tweet quotes, my philosophies, and retweet encouraging words to my followers. I started to follow job listings and influential people in the world. I still am lacking on updating my “professional” account but I’m starting to clean up my old account, where I may not need the extra site anymore.

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If I had a super power…


Growing up as a kid I always thought it was cool to have superpowers, like the characters on television. I’ve admired powers such as reading minds or seeing into the future, but I don’t think I know of a superhero that had the ability to change minds. If I had a superpower of my own it would have to involve  changing the way people think. I’m a firm believer that EVERYTHING in life comes from peoples perception. If I could change people’s perception to think how I want them to think or how I feel they should think, I think one by one I could make this world a better place.

Just think about it.

Imagine murder rates, drop out rates, divorce rates, almost everything that could go wrong could probably be prevented if you change the person’s perception or mindset of the situation. A lot of people react to issues or problems with build up animosity or hurt from past experiences. If people could learn to let go or simply get over it, in a positive way, the world probably would be a different place.

And of course besides trying to be like Miss America and save the world I could also use this power to my advantage. By changing the way people think I could manipulate people. That’s the fun part about having a superpower is using it to your benefit, right? I would definitely change people’s mind to what I want to them think…especially my mother, teacher, manager at work, etc.!

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