Social Media: My preference

January 31, 2014 Jasmine

By checking out this link, , I found it interesting how influential and time-consuming social media can be.

I was very surprised to see more users using Google Plus than those using twitter. I’m mainly surprised because I don’t use google plus, and I haven’t yet figured out the purpose of it.

Out of the 8 total networking sites listed I was very surprised to not see Instagram on there. Out of all of those networking sites I use and enjoy instagram the most. Nonetheless, choosing from the social networking sites posted, I definitely use twitter the most.

For a year or so I fell off of twitter because I was no longer interested in people’s annoying tweets about what they are doing and thinking in their heads. I later created a “professional” twitter account for companies and professional to find me on. I thought the use of a professional account would be good for networking, but I didn’t use it as much.

About 3 months ago I attended a networking conference where everyone had to go around the room and mention their “social media plugs”. I never seen my instagram as a professional site so I hesitated to reply. Since that day I realized you can use social media as a positive platform to show your professionalism and personality. From that moment on I started to use social media to express my thoughts that I realized I can’t always do on Instagram. Before I followed a lot of people from high school, so to me it was known for all the negative bashing, gossiping, and inappropriateness.

Nowadays, I tweet just about everyday. Sometimes I tweet quotes, my philosophies, and retweet encouraging words to my followers. I started to follow job listings and influential people in the world. I still am lacking on updating my “professional” account but I’m starting to clean up my old account, where I may not need the extra site anymore.


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