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Public Relations in the media

With all of the different aspects and roles in the field of public relations, it is definitely much more broader than people realize. This is primarily why I love public relations, because there is so many different components. In relations to the media, I have never seen public relations negatively portrayed, but it also does get half the credit it deserves.

I’ve met several professionals across various industries who don’t understand the purpose of Public Relations, and even think it’s not needed. It’s offensive to me that as a growing public relations professional there are people who don’t see me as a business person because of my field.

How public relations is portrayed in the media varies on the show you are watching. Some shows make pr professionals look like nothing more than party people, thrill seekers, and those who are known to be scandalous or unethical for a good cause. Let be clear, public relations does not change the truth, it merely promotes the positive message in the given situation or task. Also there is more to public relations than going to socials, networking, and planning events.

Growing as a Public Relations students and gaining all my “real world” experience with internships, I’ve realized no business can prosper without public relations, and everything in a business centers around it. On the plus side, there are great shows like “Scandal”. Though there are a lot of scandalous and unethical situations in the show, I don’t doubt the amount of seriousness because take Olivia Pope and her job. She is a complete BEAST at campaigns and knows esactly how to pitch to the right audience and do ground research. Essentially the show highlights Olivia’s job of building and maintaining relationships, as well as strategizing  and getting the right attention.

I personally would not involve myself in anything unethical or scandalous, because I know the importance of my image. Any professional’s credibility can be ruined faster than it was built. I think it’s more important to not only promote a brand but to also be a brand as well.

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Who doesn’t use Social Media??

Social media is so HUGE in the world today that it is unbelievable that there are still people out there who are not involved in it. If you don’t like the more interactive sites of twitter, Facebook, or instagram, I expect people at least use LinkedIn.

For those who do not use social media you probably don’t think your missing anything. Well you are wrong! Social Media is the best way to keep up with news, entertainment, companies, political leaders, and even celebrities. Outside of the fun aspect of Social Media, sites like LinkedIn allow professionals to networks and showcase their industry abilities. This is the easiest way to connect with jobs and future employers!

Just one quick example:

I went to a empowerment/networking conference in Atlanta last semester, and during introductions everyone had to say their social media “plug”. Those who did not have a plug to say looked weird, out of place, and not in-tuned with the world. I was not active in tweeting at the time but this conference encouraged me to use social media to my advantage. The purpose of saying social media “plugs” was to network and allow other professionals in the room to follow you. That was a huge deal because there were largely known pr and branding professionals listening. It also made me keep in mind that ALL KINDS OF people are on social networks. I also learned your social media accounts should be reflective of your future career and professional interests.

With that example I wanted to highlight to those who don’t interact much with social media, that it is a great networking tool. It’s not always about gossiping and sharing pictures from the latest parties, there are professionals out here trying to connect with you!

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SoChi Problems?

Well actually because I dont watch tv I have not seen this hilariousness, sadly. However, I got on YouTube and was surprised to hear and see everything! I’m not exactly sure what happen with the planning and preparation for the Olympics but things definitely were not ready. And from a PR aspect it makes them look bad because numerous people agree that they have had ample time for preparation. Since  2007 right??

In my opinion I can’t help but agree, even if you don’t have everything together dont ever let ‘them’ see you sweat! Aside from a good quote to live by, this is something every professional should understand. Things are NEVER perfect and things don’t always go accordingly. However, there should be a “back up” plan to a “back up plan”, and if not there should be some sort of advisory so people don’t just wonder and judge.

Besides the construction still being shown I find it odd that Social Media is as big as it is and people cannot travel there without getting their phones hacked. I guess I’m more appreciative of the U.S and the ample restrictions and privacy we have.

But people reserving hotels in advance and getting rooms with ripped curtains, dirty and unsafe water…I just don’t know what went wrong. I’m also not sure why there are so many stray dogs, but besides all these issues the location is still beautiful.

With social media being such a huge outlet I’m not surprised someone has started a “SoChi Problems” twitter account. It’s just sad people are making fun of and mocking them what many call home. This Olympics has gone down in history. I just hope the good starts outweighing all of this bad, for their “Image” sake.

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RumRunners Re-branding Decision stirs controversy.

RumRunners Re-branding Decision stirs controversy.

For those who may not know I attend Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA located in South Georgia.

In our college town we have this “plaza” full of bars to attend on late nights that provide great drink specials and parties. The only problem is, it’s not for black people.

Yes black people can go there, despite the strict dress codes that profile the fashion of majority black men, but are we welcome?

Before any white person gets offended by this post, I’d like for you to consider the racist track record this plaza has of restricting entry of blacks, people getting drinks poured on their heads while being called a nigger, black boy getting jumped while security does little to nothing, etc. (All true & recent stories)- && if you don’t know, now you do.

It’s a KNOWN FACT that if you want to ensure the avoidance of any issues of racism and/or prejudice STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HERE. In fact, it’s something I was actually taught as a freshmen and we try to pass this down to new African Americans year after year as an FYI.

Recently RumRunners (a bar in the plaza) revamped their sign out front. When I first saw it I was completely shocked. Not only are there 6 of the 7 confederate flag stars on the sign including on either side of Georgia, there are actually what it looks like are Confederate flags and the 10 lb parrott rifles that were used in the Civil War. Mind you the Civil War was a split of the south mainly caused by passionate disagreements over slavery. And keep in mind the South utilized slaves to tend its large “plantations”.

(All coming from a PR & Marketing Student Perspective)

When a business is being developed they usually have a market analysis where they largely consider location to reach desired customers.
-Being that the bar is across the street from the University and next door to Eagle Village Freshmen Doors It’s obvious the target is Students.

In order for a business to reach this “target” they need to consider “Positioning” which should be distinctive in portraying a consistent message.
-the message portrayed is either: (my opinion)
Message 1: Southern Pride- “There’s a sense of pride for the Old South where people tend to repress the fact that slavery was an integral part of that culture. The days of plantations, southern belles, and gentleman were built on the backs of slaves. It’s not something to be proud of, in my opinion.” – Mallory Michelle
Message 2: Symbol of Racism? (Please share your opinions)

This concept is also in relations to Market Segmentation (Targeting), which is when you divide a large market and determine who you want to target based on common needs & desires.

In my opinion this rebranding decision was them putting the message out there that this bar supports all pride behind the Civil War and its targeted to those white people who I saw hang their Confederate flags over their balconies in Campus Crossings Apartments when Obama was re-elected president.

Of course everyone does not see it this way, but think about the message it portrays!

I’m tired of Freshmen african americans talking about the bars and upperclassmen have to inform them that its not the place for them. Why do we have to still live in a world like this?

Sure we have our “black clubs” but never have I seen a logo or company brand that unwelcomed those of other races.

Bottom line I think its insensitive especially with great consideration to the blacks who love to go there. I wouldn’t quite call it a PR crisis, but there will definitely be some relationships with customers tarnished. But majority of people who go to bars are white so the idea of targeting ALL students is diminished and the segmentation is CLEAR.
Businesses in the 21 century should know the sensitiveness and controversial ties behind such issues. And by being insensitive that is telling me a clear message to STAY THE HELL AWAY.

No worries, messaged received

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Social Media Comments



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My Social Media Pet Peeves

It’s actually quite crazy how much social media has evolved in the last 8 years. I remember making a Myspace back in middle school and thinking social media was the best place for people my age to express themselves.

Nowadays Social Media has gotten out of control and people have used it for the worst.

My pet peeves are

1. Bashing pages

Yes I understand making fun of other people is funny. Like when they started making fun of drake and his sensitive lyrics or Kim Kardashian looking like a whale. But I just find a problem with people who take extra time out of their day to create a page talking about the “Hoes around campus” or “Ugly people around campus”. Like come on, a joke is a joke but don’t make someone want to kill themselves because you put them on the hoes website because of a couple rumors or you posted a picture they probably thought was cute and said they look like a blood hound.

2. Naked Pictures

This is also annoying. Social Media like Instagram, Tumblr, and other sites that are mostly pictures do not serve as porn sites! Stop exploiting yourself to the world. Yes you may have a nice body and get over 200 likes but it’s just not cute or attractive.

3. People who can’t spell

I understand Jargon and “slang” but sometimes people just spell stuff wrong on purpose. Like instead of saying “I don’t” they say “Ion”. What?? That’s not a word and you don’t look cool. You actually look stupid

4. And just negative comments that generalize and attack people.

EVERYBODY on social media nowadays thinks they are some expert advice giver. But I always log on twitter when people want to say things like “All Girls are hoes” or something along those lines. Though I mostly ignore comments like that because I know they aren’t referring to me it’s still annoying because you don’t know every girl, like shutup.

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