SoChi Problems?

February 14, 2014 Jasmine

Well actually because I dont watch tv I have not seen this hilariousness, sadly. However, I got on YouTube and was surprised to hear and see everything! I’m not exactly sure what happen with the planning and preparation for the Olympics but things definitely were not ready. And from a PR aspect it makes them look bad because numerous people agree that they have had ample time for preparation. Since  2007 right??

In my opinion I can’t help but agree, even if you don’t have everything together dont ever let ‘them’ see you sweat! Aside from a good quote to live by, this is something every professional should understand. Things are NEVER perfect and things don’t always go accordingly. However, there should be a “back up” plan to a “back up plan”, and if not there should be some sort of advisory so people don’t just wonder and judge.

Besides the construction still being shown I find it odd that Social Media is as big as it is and people cannot travel there without getting their phones hacked. I guess I’m more appreciative of the U.S and the ample restrictions and privacy we have.

But people reserving hotels in advance and getting rooms with ripped curtains, dirty and unsafe water…I just don’t know what went wrong. I’m also not sure why there are so many stray dogs, but besides all these issues the location is still beautiful.

With social media being such a huge outlet I’m not surprised someone has started a “SoChi Problems” twitter account. It’s just sad people are making fun of and mocking them what many call home. This Olympics has gone down in history. I just hope the good starts outweighing all of this bad, for their “Image” sake.


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