Who doesn’t use Social Media??

February 21, 2014 Jasmine

Social media is so HUGE in the world today that it is unbelievable that there are still people out there who are not involved in it. If you don’t like the more interactive sites of twitter, Facebook, or instagram, I expect people at least use LinkedIn.

For those who do not use social media you probably don’t think your missing anything. Well you are wrong! Social Media is the best way to keep up with news, entertainment, companies, political leaders, and even celebrities. Outside of the fun aspect of Social Media, sites like LinkedIn allow professionals to networks and showcase their industry abilities. This is the easiest way to connect with jobs and future employers!

Just one quick example:

I went to a empowerment/networking conference in Atlanta last semester, and during introductions everyone had to say their social media “plug”. Those who did not have a plug to say looked weird, out of place, and not in-tuned with the world. I was not active in tweeting at the time but this conference encouraged me to use social media to my advantage. The purpose of saying social media “plugs” was to network and allow other professionals in the room to follow you. That was a huge deal because there were largely known pr and branding professionals listening. It also made me keep in mind that ALL KINDS OF people are on social networks. I also learned your social media accounts should be reflective of your future career and professional interests.

With that example I wanted to highlight to those who don’t interact much with social media, that it is a great networking tool. It’s not always about gossiping and sharing pictures from the latest parties, there are professionals out here trying to connect with you!


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