Public Relations in the media

February 28, 2014 Jasmine

With all of the different aspects and roles in the field of public relations, it is definitely much more broader than people realize. This is primarily why I love public relations, because there is so many different components. In relations to the media, I have never seen public relations negatively portrayed, but it also does get half the credit it deserves.

I’ve met several professionals across various industries who don’t understand the purpose of Public Relations, and even think it’s not needed. It’s offensive to me that as a growing public relations professional there are people who don’t see me as a business person because of my field.

How public relations is portrayed in the media varies on the show you are watching. Some shows make pr professionals look like nothing more than party people, thrill seekers, and those who are known to be scandalous or unethical for a good cause. Let be clear, public relations does not change the truth, it merely promotes the positive message in the given situation or task. Also there is more to public relations than going to socials, networking, and planning events.

Growing as a Public Relations students and gaining all my “real world” experience with internships, I’ve realized no business can prosper without public relations, and everything in a business centers around it. On the plus side, there are great shows like “Scandal”. Though there are a lot of scandalous and unethical situations in the show, I don’t doubt the amount of seriousness because take Olivia Pope and her job. She is a complete BEAST at campaigns and knows esactly how to pitch to the right audience and do ground research. Essentially the show highlights Olivia’s job of building and maintaining relationships, as well as strategizing  and getting the right attention.

I personally would not involve myself in anything unethical or scandalous, because I know the importance of my image. Any professional’s credibility can be ruined faster than it was built. I think it’s more important to not only promote a brand but to also be a brand as well.


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