Spring Break ’14

March 14, 2014 Jasmine

For it to be my last spring break as a undergrad college student you would think I had awesome plans to “turn up” somewhere. Nope! For my spring break I have interviews scheduled in Atlanta and will be applying for jobs. I know it sounds boring but I had to think smart. My car is messed up and currently in Atlanta waiting to get fixed so there is no way I can drive to interviews on random weekends. So, I made a plan to apply for jobs and try to schedule as many interviews as I can during spring break when I know I’ll be home.

I am actually excited to go home because I have an interview with my dream job! As nervous as I am, I am confident about the position I’m applying for because I have worked hard to be able to qualify. I’m just hoping that confidence is received as passion and I get the position!

Other than that, I have a few other interviews and I get to meet my mentor in real life for the first time! My mentor’s name is Dr. Kay Green and she does book tours, motivational speakers, is a professor, and has new own marketing firm! I first met this lady when I interned with her publicist, and shortly after I asked would she be my mentor because she is everything I want to become. Her publicist was in South Carolina and she was always on the road so that’s why I never got to meet her, so this is a big deal.

If I weren’t going home to Atlanta to be all responsible and what not, I would definitely be in Miami. There is just something about looking cute with the sun beaming, sunglasses on your face, and a drink in your hand. Hopefully, I will be able to go to Spring Break for Memorial weekend but if not…I’ll just be dreaming.


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