My Dream Job

March 28, 2014 Jasmine

My dream job is to basically be the real life Olivia Pope, minus the scandals of course. But seriously, I love everything about crisis management and having to creatively think on my feet to provide the best outcomes. In addition to being the go-to person if you want to get your image on track, I want to have my own specialty public relations firm, be an author, and teach public relations and diversity at colleges & universities.

To shine among others I will be gaining as much experience as I can with public relations, management, and media relations. I can definitely admit I have worked my butt off to have the resume I have upon graduation this May. I realized if you want to succeed in public relations you have to be a workaholic who breathes networking and branding yourself. Though, if I could start all over I would focus more on school and take so much stress off of myself. At the same time I’m proud to be graduating with 7 internships, 3 relevant advertising, marketing, and media positions, and over 6 leadership roles. After graduation I plan to work in an agency learning all the skills I need to run and manage a firm, then I plan to advance in a top pr firm learning the executive side. After 2 years working in a firm, I will be enrolling to get a masters degree. In addition to advancing my education, I will be doing projects and networking on the side to build my credibility and knowledge, and I begin mapping out the launch of my own firm.

What am I doing now to achieve this? Basically, I work my butt off. Currently, In addition to taking 16 hours, I am the founder and coordinator of Women Of Worth…Pathways to Confidence mentorship organization for freshmen females, the public relations intern for the Georgia Southern City Campus, the social media marketing intern for the Single Wives Club non-profit organization, and the media relations specialist for the Connie Stokes for Lt. Governor campaign. Hopefully one day all the work will pay off!


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