Cell Phone Etiquette

April 4, 2014 Jasmine

For the most part I’m not one of those people who are glued to their phone all day every day. Mainly due to the fact that my phone is always dead, it’s always in my purse being useless. However, when I my phone is not dead I tend to text people and scroll down my instagram timeline with I’m around other people. Scrolling down a timeline, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, is the best way to pass time and overcome boredom.

My mom gets so angry when we are together and I’m on my phone texting or on social media. It definitely is rude and can be seen as talking when someone else is talking, just your conversation is not verbal. Clearly its a digital age thing because when I’m with my friends we are always on our phones and I don’t find it offensive at all unless you are having a verbal conversation, then I feel ignored.

If I was at dinner with someone I would try to balance both checking my phone and spending time with them. I would only get on my phone if I had to reply to a text message that had some urgency. Though I don’t think it’s rude to check your phone from time to time, I do think it’s rude to be eating out with someone and scrolling down social media timelines.

Ever since I could remember having a cell phones my mom would tell me a thousand times to put away my phone and “disconnect”. I used to walk and text, eat and text, and even text in church. Now that I’m older I don’t think I have the same problem. It’s important for us to “disconnect” from time to time.


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