April 18, 2014 Jasmine

Do you agree or disagree with the points made? Why/why not?

I totally agreed with everything posted in this article! People have been overusing hashtags so much on social media that they have become pointless. There was once a meaning to hashtags, it was so people can click on it and follow a feed or a certain topic. Nowadays hashtags are just anything word, phrase or sentence. This article is urging individuals to put meaning back into hashtags and the proper use of social media.

I would add to this list relevancy. I have seen a lot of social media posts with hashtags and the hashtags didn’t seem to connect with the implied message, or even make sense at all. A hashtag should be able to be posted alone and people should be able to connect it back to the message or the company in some way. So if I could add anymore advice to this article, that’s what it would have to be.

I love when tv shows engage hashtags. There has been plenty of times where I have been watching 106 & Park or even Scandal and a hashtag popped up in the corner of the screen. It’s a great idea and opportunity to for viewers to start a conversation and feed off of others. Even for the social media use, it is a great way to gain followers and even follow new people. Especially with Scandal! Everyone is usually watching the show all at the same time and tweeting all at the same time, why not use a hashtag and see others thoughts?

With my client for this Social Media class, Bath & Body Works, I know that the hastags have been proven to be beneficial. They use #BBW with all their posts and make several other hashtags for engagement like #TrioTuesday for example. #TrioTuesday is when BBW showcases they best products and sales to get in a set of 3. I love this idea!

If my client wanted to track trends they can easily click on hashtags about #Fragrances or something related to their products. It can be beneficial because they can explore what people tend to gravitate to and respond to.

Hashtags have it’s ups and downs but overall no matter how much they can be annoying we all use them!



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