Final Thoughts

May 2, 2014 Jasmine

Ah the semester has finally come to an end and I will be walking across the stage next Saturday! I thoroughly enjoyed this class and everything I learned about social media. This semester came with a lot of high and low points but overall I learned a lot about myself and what I can and can not handle.

More specifically, for this Social Media class a high point for me was creating the final project.  The final project allowed for me to be creative learn the components of a real social media campaign. A low point for me was getting overwhelmed mid semester and missing a quiz because I didn’t read an email in it’s entirety.

If I could change anything about this social media class it would be to  learn more about SEO, SEM, and the importance of keywords and hashtags. We briefly talked about hashtags but I have seen job posting requiring SEO knowledge, and I don’t know anything about that. So if we could have a new assignment in this class it would be to create an online posting and try to gain more traffic through the usage of SEO.

Upon graduation I will taking with me great social media campaign planning skills. Before taking this class I didn’t know much about all the components of a social media campaign, especially with social media calenders and social media releases. I will be interning at a Digital Marketing Firm in Atlanta over the summer learning SEO and working on internet campaign. I’m so glad I can use knowledge of social campaigns to help me plan internet campaign for clients.

Thank you Mrs. Groover for a great public relations experience these last 3 years in college!

ou into your first job outside college?


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