My Social Media Pet Peeves

February 7, 2014 Jasmine

It’s actually quite crazy how much social media has evolved in the last 8 years. I remember making a Myspace back in middle school and thinking social media was the best place for people my age to express themselves.

Nowadays Social Media has gotten out of control and people have used it for the worst.

My pet peeves are

1. Bashing pages

Yes I understand making fun of other people is funny. Like when they started making fun of drake and his sensitive lyrics or Kim Kardashian looking like a whale. But I just find a problem with people who take extra time out of their day to create a page talking about the “Hoes around campus” or “Ugly people around campus”. Like come on, a joke is a joke but don’t make someone want to kill themselves because you put them on the hoes website because of a couple rumors or you posted a picture they probably thought was cute and said they look like a blood hound.

2. Naked Pictures

This is also annoying. Social Media like Instagram, Tumblr, and other sites that are mostly pictures do not serve as porn sites! Stop exploiting yourself to the world. Yes you may have a nice body and get over 200 likes but it’s just not cute or attractive.

3. People who can’t spell

I understand Jargon and “slang” but sometimes people just spell stuff wrong on purpose. Like instead of saying “I don’t” they say “Ion”. What?? That’s not a word and you don’t look cool. You actually look stupid

4. And just negative comments that generalize and attack people.

EVERYBODY on social media nowadays thinks they are some expert advice giver. But I always log on twitter when people want to say things like “All Girls are hoes” or something along those lines. Though I mostly ignore comments like that because I know they aren’t referring to me it’s still annoying because you don’t know every girl, like shutup.


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